Together we can protect our planet.  With the speed of technological advancement, our old gadgets are becoming more and more obsolete and no longer serve or meet our ever changing standards. So what happens to the old electronics that are no longer in use? They are usually stashed or stored somewhere taking up space.  However, just because they are out of use doesn’t mean they are worthless and cannot be put to good use. Electronics contain reusable materials and in some cases, rare earth metals and precious metals which can be recycled and put back into the manufacturing supply chain. This process is called urban mining.

Urban mining is ecologically good and practical and it has a positive impact on the environment than traditional mining methods. In some cases, it’s actually more efficient.

You may be asking yourself why not leave your old electrical good out on the street pavement where it can be picked up. The problem with that is, junk collectors or scavengers take the valuable material and leave what’s left to end up in a landfill. In some cases, they are illegally exported to a third world country which is a call for concern.

Why us,

  • We comply with all the applicable laws and regulations. We are WEEE compliant and environmental agency approved.
  • Total data destruction- We use the latest technology to ensure that all your data is completely destroyed, giving you full protection.
  • We recycle all your old electrical goods ensuring they are kept out of landfills, and put back into the manufacturing supply chain. Thereby establishing greener footprints.
  • We also issue a certificate of recycling.
  • Your recycled electricals would not be illegally exported to a third world country.
  • Arrange a pick up at your convenience.
  • Free home collection.

Contact SquareBox Recycling today for free collection on all your unwanted electronics and together we can protect our precious planet.